Gordon Kanki-Knight

Photo by Kohji Shiiki

Kansai Scene: Offering something more than takoyaki and temples for Kansai tourists

UK design magazine Wallpaper* has acted as a bible for the style-conscious since its debut back in 1996. In 2006, to celebrate their 10th anniversary, they launched the Wallpaper* City Guide travel book series, revealing sophisticated locations off those well-trodden tourist trails–with over 80 cities covered to date, they are fast becoming the first port of call for jet-setting hipsters.

Expectedly, they are a pretty slick affair; with a smart tab system for sections, gorgeous photography and a compact size with pantone covers, they allow you to wander a city without the embarrassment of looking like, well… a tourist.

Australian writer Gordon Kanki Knight was involved in the three Japanese cities featured so far, coauthoring the Tokyo edition and authoring the Kyoto and recently published Osaka editions (with Sapporo to follow). Kansai Scene caught up with Gordon for a coffee…Read full article

The Diplomat: Design Tokyo Exclusive

I mentioned last week that we could look forward to an exclusive peek into Tokyo Designers Week from Wallpaper* magazine’s Japan correspondent, Gordon Kanki Knight. And despite feeling slightly under-the-weather--likely from all of the running about--he has come through with the goods...Read full article

Gordon Kanki-Knight rides a fix-geared bike through the streets of Tokyo.

OK-Do: Lessons learned

I met Gordon Kanki Knight early on after my move to Tokyo. He encouraged me to start cycling in the city with a proper bicycle, a fixed gear one. Kanki Knight is a Tokyo-based journalist as well as a former track racing cyclist. In Tokyo, he still pedals on a frame he got when he was 16...Read full article

Jean Snow: Wallpaper City Guide: Osaka

First Tokyo, then Kyoto, now it’s Osaka’s turn to get the Wallpaper City Guide treatment. As I wrote when I covered the Kyoto volume’s release, I really like what these book’s represent. No, they’re not intended to be a thorough travel guide to the cities they cover. Instead, they act as handy compendiums of the types of spots you see highlighted in Wallpaper, but end up forgetting about (unless you cut them out and paste them in a notebook)...Read full article